To blog or not to blog…

Okay, so I’m a late starter to this blogging business and to be absolutely honest, the need to create my own blog developed quite accidently as I realised I was writing more for other people’s sites and benefit than for my own. So, not to be outdone, here is my blog!

I’m enjoying the way I can apply my personality to this online environment and you’ll notice my A-type personality coming through in the way this blog is structured and organised I suppose. Oh well, you can’t run from your own feet…

What I’m looking forward to is maximising on the unlimited bandwidth I get from being married to an IT consultant, coupled with my need to continuously document ‘stuff’ – whether it be for work or for my children’s future reference.

I cannot help feeling guilty though; I think that if I pretend to blog A LOT that I may score a new netbook or even an iPad from hubby…


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