Keeping up with Thing 1

I succumbed to being the stereotypical ‘second-child-lag-mom’ at precisely the time that Thing 2 was born. He is now 5 months old and I can store ALL his photos and memoirs in a compact envelope. We had accumulated about a million pictures of every movement of Thing 1’s life by the time he was the same age – everything was a milestone, everything was captured in some form. 

And so, I’ve been feeling slightly guilty about the lack of attention paid to Thing 2 in this way. But then I realised that he was holding the trump card – the 2010 Soccer World Cup.  His brother may have boxes upon boxes of newspaper clippings of the day he was born but Thing 2’s story will be ‘I was born in the year of the soccer world cup in South Africa’! We will never be short of any pictures and paraphernalia to haul out and recount the year he was born. The fact that he isn’t actually in any of these pics is another story though…

So, thank you Sepp Blatter for bringing the world cup to South Africa at the right time to quell this mothers guilt trip and making Thing 2’s entry into this world as memorable as ever.

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