Time to shine South Africa

Wednesday 09 June has been compared only to the day when Madiba was released and when the Boks won the Rugby World Cup. Jubilation lined every inch of the country but most wished they had journeyed to Johannesburg to join in the Sandton parade where Bafana Bafana came out to the delight of their fans. 185 000 of them as it turns out. They travelled just a block away from their Southern Sun Grayston hotel into a sea of yellow shirts, colourful wigs, makarabas and the now famous vuvuzela.  Music blared from large speakers, singing came from every corner. Flags waved proudly and South Africa showed once again just what it means to be a rainbow nation.

I went into Sandton in the morning but then decided that Thing 2’s nanny would love the opportunity to be a part of the festivities – and to see her beloved Bafana Bafana. So, I returned home – showered her with whistles, flags and vuvuzelas and sent her on her way.  She LOVED the experience (so much so that she stopped by all the other nannies on the way home to tell them where she had been for the day!).

She took some pics for me so that I could see what she saw;

There were events held nationally at midday yesterday but I can’t imagine a better place to be than Sandton. Even the sun shone brightly on our national team and you would be forgiven for thinking that summer had made an early return to South Africa.

I heard on a news report that because Mexico’s colours are also yellow that Bafana Bafana supporters are asked not to wear the alternative green supporter kit on Friday but stick to the yellow. Judging by the crowd yesterday I’m sure that most supporters do have the yellow kit anyway.

South Africa. Ke Nako.


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