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Charities I support

While charity begins at home, when I do try to help out elsewhere these are the places that I support:

Hong Ning – the only home of its kind in South Africa. The Home is suited to our Chinese senior citizens in terms of culture & environment. Hong Ning Chinese Aged Home is unique in that it is the only Chinese home for senior citizens in the whole of Southern Africa. The Home is strongly promoted as a community project and receives no state subsidy or any other form of financial assistance. An Executive and Management committee of fifteen members manage the Home on a voluntary basis. Committee members are drawn from various Chinese associations, organizations, churches, schools, sports and cultural groups in order to have as wide a representation as possible. 

Kids Haven – rehabilitation of street children and reintroduce them into society; providing them with love & shelter in a nurturing, secure environment – giving them guidance, therapy, training & support so they can be the best they can be and take their rightful place in the community.

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