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Sometimes I wonder whether people who keep up with social media and blogging ever get to read a ‘good-old-book’ anymore. It would be a great pity if pop culture led to a generation of people who are led and informed only by other people’s opinions, and not through their own analysis and conclusions which reflection and investigation provides.

Of course it is easier to read a couple of blogs in one day than time would permit to sink your teeth into a decent novel. And, our lives are already compacted by the many other trade-offs we make to keep up with a world and surrounds where technology, relationships and conversation are measured by the speed and accessibility at which they occur.

It used to be cliché to say we’re at risk of being ‘American-ised’ by the compelling Western world influences and global effect. I think that the modern equivalent is that we all end up having the same conversations, same influences. I recently read that there is no such thing as an original idea anymore. It would be very unfortunate if this became truth. Fact.

And it will become a reality if we don’t constantly remind ourselves of our individuality, our uniqueness – and in doing so, keep challenging accepted norms and conventions.

The first step… pick up a book. Take time to read it. Enjoy it. Have an opinion.

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