Did you know that hamsters are nocturnal?

Toughie joined our family in a moment of weakness when I was in a good mood and our 5 year old was in a rare state of good behaviour on an outing to the garden shop. This specific garden shop has a reptilian-bazaar within its grounds. They cleverly position all the squeamish and screamingly’s at the front so that by the time you get to the cute and cuddly’s i.e. the hamsters – they are even more endearing…

And so, Toughie joined our family in a moment of weakness.

Of course, you don’t just buy the rodent (well, that’s what it is once you get past the cuteness); you have to buy accessories. Toughie’s house is a triple storey display of hamster-excess which shines and gleams for the 1st 2 days until it starts smelling and getting clogged with hamster stuff in all the nooks and crannies.  A triple-storey house, as with humans, is only ever a good idea if the house comes standard with fulltime staff – in the absence of which mom must play the part as the 5 year old who was supposed to demonstrate his responsible prowess has long since lost interest in the rodent and is re-engaged with Ben 10 and other non-smelly non-messy playmates.

The best ‘value’ of the hamster mansion was that it came with not one but 2 hamster wheels. Cool. Bargain. Wrong! This multi-level athletic track provides Toughie with a solid 12 hours of running – starting at prime time TV kickoff at 6pm and ending when the rest of the family is totally exhausted from trying to get at least 1 hour sleep while stuffing the corner of their pillows into their ears.   It didn’t take long for us to relocate Toughie from his cute pedestal to the back of the kitchen, behind closed doors, away from all sleeping areas…

I still laugh, with the best of intentions, as I pass giggling happy parents eagerly carrying their hamster pet and gleaming hamster accessories home from the pet shop. And wonder, do they know that hamsters are nocturnal?


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