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#TBD 2011 is here!

The temperature has dropped. The trees are shedding green for gold.  And, #TBD is back on…

Last year the South African Twitter community raised over 500 blankets in addition to bags full of clothing for less fortunate communities. Over R20,000.00 was also donated directly to selected charities for the drive.

Tweeps from all over the country came together on the same day at the same time for a national Tweetup for good.

This years’ #TBD kicked off about 2 days ago and so far KZN province is taking in the lead in flexing its muscles with talk of 3 events being in the pipeline. KZN has also started a challenge between its North and South coast Twitter communities. Quite the competitive bunch 🙂  (They’ve also challenged other provinces to beat their collection numbers!)

2010 was purely spontaneous. 2011 has a target – 8,000 blankets to be exact. I came across a statistic that said there are 80,000 Tweeters in South Africa; so, if 1% of these Tweeters participate and contribute then the target is realistic.  Of course, we don’t like to take chances so any corporates or schools out there wanting to start their own challenges and help us achieve this remarkable feat are very, very welcome to join us.

One condition though, this is a Twitter event. Made possible by Tweeters. So, it’s only fair that we would want to support organisations, schools and charities who are active on Twitter and who will participate in our growing conversation about all things #TBD.

We have a growing number of loyal advocates for this project, one being Barrie Bramley from Tomorrow Today. Click here to read Barrie’s blogpost on #TBD 2011

By the way, #TBD is the hashtag to reference if you want more info on the blanket drive. You should also visit our website for updated information:

So, grab a blanket and join us on 4 June 2011 at a venue near you for SA’s 2nd national Tweetup for good!

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