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Domestic Tech-Bliss & Google divorce

I love what social media has achieved and can accomplish, even more so when goodie bags are concerned. I present case-in-point my delivery of an HP Photosmart 7510 to test drive for a couple of weeks in the comfort of my own home.

It turns out that a fellow tweeter referred the good folk from HP to me as a potential candidate to pre-test their product before it hits the South African store shelves later in December this year. Thanks to this tweet love I now have a couple more followers from HP on my Twitter base too. FTW all round methinks.

The snappy-looking device was delivered with a full complement of equally snappy-chaperones. Iwan braved 2 hours of traffic to deliver and install the device on time as promised, and Kevin the well-trained Sales rep arrived spot on time to give me the drained run down on the product specs and features.

Unfortunately, those clever chaps at Google have so cleverly changed the Blogger settings so now I am positively clueless as to how to update my blog so am using the old Blogger app on my iPad to write this post, which while very overdue does not allow me to upload pics!

Well back to the good news shall we… There are some striking features about the Photosmart 7510; my favorites from the start have been the built in Dreamworks suite which has 100’s of crafts and activities for the kids to do based on the studios hit animated movies, the ePrint capability which means you can print from ANYWHERE (who needs wi-fi?) and the brilliant HP photo quality prints in the comfort of your own home.

My 6-year old was so taken by the Dreamworks touchscreen app that the second day after we received the test printer I came home to a house full of printouts ready for me to cut and fold for him. So clearly very user friendly and easy to navigate through the options.

The weekend after we went to visit my parents at the coast and when we got home I picked up my weekend photos from the printer and popped them into frames and albums – so simple. All I needed to do was provide my dad with my printers email address to where he should email the pics I had selected.
This feature also comes in really handy now that I’m back at work and need to provide a to-do list to the nanny at home from time to time; I just email the list to the printer and she picks up the list at home – how fabulous is that?

In the 3 weeks that followed we seriously abused the gorgeous little printer and it kept surprising us by not running out of ink. What a bonus. So good looking, smart and cost-effective too. When it did run out of ink (mainly due to the ridiculously high volumes of full colour crafts and photos that we were churning out) it was very easy to to replace the cartridges. There is an onscreen display that tells you which colour is running out and to what extent.

Good thing we refilled because shortly after that time we discovered the HP creative suite which is another HP app built into the printer. This one has a plethora of practical templates for daily use as well as the likes of Barney (the purple dinosaur) which came in very handy for my youngest child’s Barney themed birthday party.

Then, I bet your printer can’t do this… The HP Photosmart 7510 has FaceBook built in too so you can access your FaceBook pics onscreen and print them out on the printer. Very nifty!

I am really hoping to sort out this Blogger/Google mess so that I can show off the printer and the crafts we made on it to you. In the meantime you can check out the hash tag #HPmum on Twitter to see some of the pics.

I was asked on Twitter if it would be suitable for home schooling environments; Yes! Small businesses would also get a lot of added value from this device.

The printer is in stores now.

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