Captured memories – Check!

After nearly 7 years we finally managed to get a photoshoot of the kids with their grandfather on their dad’s side. “Daddy’s-daddy” as he is affectionately called by my oldest child, has religiously visited us wherever we may live at the time for my hubby’s birthday each year. This year was a treat, an extra long visit which gave us the opportunity to get the shoot done.

Those people at Life Studios have certainly taken a leaf out of the American-Guide-To-Sales, they are brilliant. No mere display of the photos on a pc – there’s a full slide show to music in a perfectly lit room, the ambience is perfect.  All their products are proudly on display around you as you ooh and ahh imagining how your fabulous pics will look in any of the framing options – yes, SUPERSIZE them all!!! No mention of price – and even though you receive their very detailed price list at the photoshoot, you would have to have a degree in Coding or Molecular Engineering to make heads or tails of what you think you would be spending on your proud new photo collection.

The kids were highly uncooperative on the day so the results were surprisingly brilliant. Must have been the sheer talent of the good folk at Life 🙂 but I’d like to think it’s more a case of ‘you can’t hold back good genes’. 

We (read ‘I’) did end up purchasing some (read ‘more than necessary’) framed solutions from the studio which I will distribute to family and on any available wall space left in my house.


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