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I’ve had a lot of enquiries about my new “toy” since I started Tweeting and blogged on The Mother Load about the HP Photosmart 7510.

It really is quite a phenomenal little powerhouse, feature-rich and the ink costs aren’t as high as you would expect either.  There are too many specifications to mention here, so click here to visit the HP site for all the technical details for what this printer has on offer.

 Some great features online that support the printer are the HP Application Centre which allows you to update your printer apps online – add or delete apps as you require. Quick and easy to do.  There is also an app review function so that you can read up on the app before downloading.  The 2nd function is the online print manager which allows you to manage your print queue – very handy if you’ve provided your printer email address to your extended family so that they can send their best photos direct to your printer for printing.  This is also a necessity if, like us, your 6 year old has learnt how to navigate his way around the printer and has developed a habit of printing out every available DreamWorks craft project on a daily basis.

App centre on the website
Print manager on the website
I can’t blame him really, the range of built-in crafts are amazing – there’s enough to go around for the next couple of years of show-and-tell’s and birthday parties between my 2 boys.  Here are some of the projects which we’ve worked on using the HP Photosmart 7510 with various HP printer paper and photo paper…

Yes, there is even a Barney suite of print apps built into the printer (HP Creative Suite). I tapped into this for my youngest’s 2nd birthday to make all the party signage, sticker labels for the picnic boxes and tags for the party packs.

One of the most challenging projects was the DreamWorks Kung Fu Panda “Tigress” 3D model. In all honesty, we were forewarned by the level of difficulty that came printed on the “How To Make This Model” guide.  The colors print out exceptionally well – “just like the movie mom!’ and you need to use sturdier paper stock like we did if you want your model to last longer than a day (we used the HP Everyday Photo Paper for most of the 3D crafts).  The full range of Kung Fu Panda characters is available on the printer – more than enough to keep the Littles occupied for indoor weather or downtime periods.

Admittedly, my favorite craft so far has been the 3D model cars. They look professional and far beyond my usual scope of craft-ability.  Needless to say, my sons think I am a super-mom for being able to pull this one off.  The cars have also gone the distance and are proudly displayed on my oldest sons’ bookshelf where they have been carefully looked after for over a month now.

A project that I managed to do for myself was to create a family name board which I am in the process of converting into a hat and coat rack for our entrance hall.  I printed all the copy and background effects on the printer then used decoupage and antiquing techniques to age the board.  The HP Photosmart did most of the work for me; print, scan, enlarged to correct size to cover the board, etc.  I am very happy with the results.

[Before I forget… I’ve made up with Google as is evident in this blog post. The error it seems was ‘user error’ – duh! Now that I am getting to grip with the new look Blogger format, it actually seems to be quite easy and user-friendly. I am eating my words as I type…]

Here’s a quick overview (grabbed from the HP international site) on the key features of this device which now carries more clout in my household than the dishwasher 🙂


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