I was trawling through my Twitter timeline this morning and came across a fun tweet WITH a call-to-action! I couldn’t resist and so followed the links into the mystery of what lay beyond.  Turns out that #blogsecretsanta (the hashtag used on Twitter) is very simply a Secret Santa concept for blogger and other online enthusiasts around the country – gifting and surprises, 2 of my favourite things combined.

Apparently this spontaneous happiness factory has been going on for quite a while now as I read up more on The Stiletto Mum’s blog page.

I read the ‘rules’ and they seemed easy enough to apply and follow (I like that a lot!) then I scanned through the list of people who have already committed to the project this year.  I only recognized a handful of names and this was perfect for me as it’s time to cast my social net wider.  I was sold and immediately sent an email, tweet and blog comment to that effect.

You apply (just indicate that you want to participate by the 16th of November) and receive an email on the 21st letting you know whose name you have drawn. It’s a secret draw – duh! hence ‘Secret’ Santa :-).  Gifts can’t cost more than R100 excl postage and packaging.

Then, you send a BIG virtual hint into the universe like I am about to do here so that your Secret Santa can check you out and get a sense of what type of gift you may like.

Well, hello my dear Secret Santa – my fun has begun… Check out my Pinterest board on My Favourite Things as a start and get your gifting juices flowing. If, and only if, you are a serious over-analyser with potential stalker tendencies you may appreciate a glance at my About Me page too. (If you have attention disorders you may quite enjoy getting lost in one of my other 50 Pinterest boards – I’m a bit OCD that way…)

I’m not quite certain how many more people The Stiletto Mum is taking onboard for this year but if you want to get involved too just email her at c.l.coetzee@gmail.com if you want to join the fun.

Of course, random gift-giving to complete strangers isn’t for everyone but the chances are that if you’re reading my blog that you tend to like sneaking a peak at other peoples lives and conversations anyway 🙂 so you can follow the conversation on Twitter by using the hashtag #blogsecretsanta

I can’t wait for the 21st so that I can start my recon mission on my unknowing beneficiary!

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