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Well of course I am a woman… it’s all I know really. Growing up with 3 brothers, I once taped a piece of paper to my belly and tried to pee standing up with them – that didn’t work out so well.  Anyway, I digress, being a woman is the life I was born into, and the life I live.  What does it mean though? Nothing feminist or anything, I guess it’s just a celebration of being the person and being that you are.

I got thinking about this subject because I recently came across this promotion on FaceBook by Lil-let’s; it caught my attention because it is a Pinterest activation which is my latest compulsion (51 boards and counting). Alas – it took a tampon to make me consider my gender in detail…

Scrolling through the well designed boards (kudos to whoever is running this campaign for Lil-let’s) this morning I came across the usual suspects: shoes, kids, romance, shopping, comfort food (food in general), fashion & beauty and empowering & motivational quotes and female mentors. The board that is least populated (at present) is the “Things That Make Us Laugh” board – and dammit we know we laugh at many things, and that we love laughing. I know I’m funny – even my husband laughs at my jokes, occasionally  Do women take themselves too seriously perhaps? Do our responsibilities overshadow our ability to let loose a bit more? (Of course it could just be that the person who is managing this site doesn’t share the same sense of humour as the posters…) Today I’m going to make it my mission to post ‘funnies’ to the We Are Women SA site and up the smile quota.

I’ve decided to copy my own posts to my blog for posterity (however long that is these days) after the campaign is over.  These are the things I’ve posted on my Pinterest board for We Are Women SA so far:

This is my favourite one so far:

If you have time you can check out all my other Pinterest boards here.


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