Method behind Movember

How long has Movember been running as a campaign now? I ask because I didn’t know until this month (2012) that it was a male cancer awareness drive… I wonder if most of the people flaunting ‘taches know that they are representing a cause by growing out their facial hair. I hope so. I used to diss the Movember concept until i learnt the reason behind it. (It’s still not going to get me to nurture my own upper lip hair though)

As many ‘blonde moments’ as I am prone to, I cannot be the only person who came to the realisation of the link between a month full of moustaches and cancer awareness only now. What happens when an activation supersedes a cause (or brand)? What can be done to bring the success in the tactical space back to the cause? Where does/did this go wrong? Aside from growing a moustache, or wearing stick-on ones as my sons did in the pic, where is the commitment to the cause? Do people now wait for their annual opportunity to grow hair in places that their partners otherwise wouldn’t approve of – instead of discussing the topic on a sustainable basis throughout the year?

As with many others, it’s a noble cause which needs awareness and warrants support for the organizations that service cancer sufferers around the world.

But that is a blog for another time as I have another matter to get off my chest this weekend still.

A closing word – if you didn’t get your prostrate checked during November but just donned a moustache (real or fake) then you sort of missed out on the point of Movember…

Here is what one blogger is doing for Movember… brave man 🙂


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