Friends don’t let friends drink bad wine

That’s the headline of a Tweet that caught my attention today. It’s for a competition being run by Real Time Wine.

Real Time Wine is a new app for everyone who enjoys wine, not just those who understand it. Their website says “Capture, rate, review and share those amazing moments you have with a wine glass in your hand.” – so essentially making #drunktweets legit in some sense then?

(“#drunktweets” is a popular hashtag used on Twitter when social moves to real life and the possibility of inebriated texting takes place – can result in embarassing online account of a person’s night out or frankness of message content)

The app is free and available for download off their website. Android and Apple supported. The website is optimised for BlackBerry too though. It’s only valid in South Africa right now (currency is in ZA Rands). This is what the app looks like:

In a nutshell, this is what you can do with the app:
>; see the top 10 everyday wines, as voted by the member community
>; rate wines with the iconic Yum / Hmm / Yuk scale
>; review wines in a language everyone can understand (not 11 official languages, just layman’s terms)
>; check into each wine you drink
>; earn points & level up as a social wine influencer
>; show off your auto-populated wine library & profile
I see they’re bringing out a geo-locator retail special feature into the app. That’s handy. (and great for advertisers…)
I’m pretty sure the developers aren’t advocating drunk-driving, reckless behaviour etc – so if the check-in’s become more FourSquare and you have a tendency to test out more than 1 bottle at a time – maybe you shouldn’t be checking in then. Safety first.

You can enter the competition here:

<divHere's the link to their website:

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