Recycled Train Crayons

I’m a hoarder. It’s a talent.

Over any decent amount of time, the kids crayon box turns into a graveyard of  ‘stompies’ of lifeless remains of what were once pristine Art supplies. I cannot get myself to throw any bit away – just in case.

Good for me, I have learnt to hate baking with Silicon Baking Trays. I’ve given up trying to actually make anything edible using these modern day culinary inventions. So, I have tons of them lying around in the furthest corners of my kitchen cupboards. (See, I won’t throw them away either…)

This past weekend we did a HUGE clean up of the kids rooms and stuff. I decided to get rid of the crayon remains.

Step 1. Take an unused Silicon Baking Tray. I decided to make a train shape.

Step 2. Throw the old crayon ‘stompies’ into the baking tray. Put the Silicon Baking Tray onto a metal baking tray because it gets messy.

Step 3. Heat in oven till melted. CAUTION! (Seriously!) I nearly burnt the kitchen doing this. There was a lot of smoke coming out of the oven.  I may never be able to use my oven again… (well, I will but you know what I mean). In hindsight I should rather have used an old cooking pot and melted the wax down slowly that way…

Step 4.  Leave melted wax to harden completely in molds.

Step 5.  Turn out perfectly crafted and reusable wax crayons perfect for kids to use again.  The bonus with this mold is that the kids will also use the crayons as a toy if they get bored of drawing. The crayons draw in multi-colours too which is fun for the Littles. I was thinking that all schools should do something like this at the end of the year and use again or donate to less-fortunate schools…

Be safe people. Hot wax is dangerous.


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