Caffeinated conversations

Let’s kick this post off with a dash of Penelope Cruz shall we?

I’m not exactly the target audience for the beautiful Ms Cruz but I will be the first to admit that I love the way the multi-syllabic-NESPRESSO sounds when she says it.

First there was the “Breakfast Gang”, namely; myself, @CliveSimpkins, @AkiAnastasiou, @BarrieBramley and @Angelo2711.  As time progressed, and Twitter evolved, the “Coffee Club” emerged around the Nespresso culture.

Nespresso - NorwinNespresso - Brett HaggardNespresso - BronNespresso - Kerry HaggardNespresso - Shaynil

Every morning I am greeted on my Twitter timeline by @Shaynil, @norwin, @BronyW and @KerryHaggard with something like

“So, what’s your brew for the morning?”

Over the course of these caffeinated conversations we’ve discussed things like;

  • what is your favourite blend?
  • what are you starting your day off with?
  • how do you fix your machine?
  • what are the new flavours?
  • do the substitute pods work or not? and, how do they compare in taste?
Our Nespresso machine. No longer available.
Our Nespresso machine. No longer available.

My husband bought our machine over a year ago from the Sandton City store. It’s been descaled once, serviced once (needs annual service) and served more cups of coffee than I care to acknowledge.  My favourite blends are Roma, Arpeggio and Ristretto.  I even enjoy the decaf range. We always try out the limited edition ranges – the Variations Range 2012 out now includes Coconut, Hazelnut and Almond. Hazelnut is the winner for me. Coconut should remain in Pina Coladas in my opinion.

There are 16 Grand Cru’s divided into 4 categories: Lungos, Deccafeinatos, Espressos and Pure Origins. All my favourites are in the Espressos category.

Nespresso The 16 Grands Crus

There are 5 different types of machines for home use. I see that our machine is no longer on the website… Pity, it’s such a great model.  You can view all the machines here.

The coffee is great but I do think it tastes much better in the Nespresso range of cups.  The dose size is perfectly measured out and the spoons just seem to work much better too…

@Norwin uses a "U" with a with Aeroccino 3.
@Norwin uses a “U” with a with Aeroccino 3.

@norwin is our Noogler of note (that’s a Nespresso Googler of sorts). If you ask him a question about Nespresso-anything, you will get the correct answer. @norwin is the spokesperson for his household on this matter as @ledlet is the actual owner of the machine – it was a birthday gift to her from their son Jarrod. @ledlet’s rationale behind getting this as a gift is a curious but very sound approach. She didn’t want a Nespresso machine – she wanted good lattes. So she was quite happy to have got a Nespresso machine, which she’s glad to let Norwin and Jarrod use, in lieu of getting perfect lattes and the occasional cappuccino.This is very much like the old marketing mantra – people don’t by a drill, they buy a hole in the wall to hang something from! His favourite pod is Lavinato for luscious Lattes.

The Haggards use "Le Cube"
The Haggards use “Le Cube”

@KerryHaggard is our Rebelpressoist (that’s a Rebel Nespresso user of sorts). She will try to convince us that the VidaE substitutes are good enough to use under the Nespresso brand name. @Brettski is @KerryHaggard’s other half. A true Nespressoist (that’s a Nespresso brand advocate of sorts.) Among other things, he keeps Kerry in check by making sure there is plenty of legit stock in their house so that their machine doesn’t get abused. His numero uno blend is Roma.

Shaynil bought the "U" model.
@Shaynil bought the “U” model.

@Shaynil is the NewPress (that’s a newbie to Nespresso user of sorts). He is the most recent acquirer of a Nespresso machine and he is literally a kid in a candy store. @Shaynil bought his machine from YuppieChef as a gift to himself for Diwali. He also enjoys snacking on Snowballs while sipping his IndriyaArpeggio or Caprissio.

Snowballs made for @Shaynil by his wife @ushmapatel21
“Snowballs “

@BronyW is the Haphickory (that’s a person who is just happy to be around anyone talking about coffee – of sorts). She doesn’t say much – perhaps she’s not a morning person, but we know she is following the Coffee Club tweets while sipping from a freshly brewed cuppa – usually Decaffeinato Lungo, Vivalto Lungo or Roma. Perhaps she feels she has the upper hand on the rest of us as her machine was imported from Cape Town and not locally sourced in Johannesburg like the rest of us….

Nespresso - brons machine
@BronyW’s CITIZ machine

“Something that really stands out for me is the personalised service you get when you go to the Nespresso shop to purchase pods. They call up your name, have all the previous vists etc. And then they walk around the counter to deliver you your package of goods. Priceless!” – @BronyW

Meet @Libyan4Life
Meet @Libyan4Life

My newest Twitter coffee bud is @Libyan4Life. Her favourite pod is Arpeggio which she makes on her Essenza, and she uses the flavoured blends (Hazelnut) for making iced lattes. She lives in Doha, Qatar, but she bought her machine in Italy after an Italian friend suggested it. (“They know their coffee – who am I to argue?” she said)

She added:

If I am to say what coffee REALLY got me addicted and REALLY REALLY impressed me, like I was emailing friends and saying GO BUY THIS COFFEE was their limited edition Crealto. I was beyond devastated when it left the shelves.  Talk about some delicious coffee.

@Libya4Life's Essenza machine
@Libya4Life’s Essenza machine

And continued…

I was so skeptical about yet another coffee machine. I wasnt very impressed with the quality of  Keurig coffee so I was skeptical about espresso pods, but Nespresso its something else. Its high quality, rounded, flavorful espresso instantly. Sorry I could rant on about Nespresso because I really love it. [Clearly… – Mother]

And continued…

Two last things: One–After making ah-mazing homemade cappuccinos, iced lattes, and espresso shots, I now find it very difficult to pay upwards $5 for a cup at a coffee house. I know I can do better at home. Second – I’m a foodie and I have lots of recipes, desserts in particular, which require a good strong coffee or espresso. Nespresso gives me quality brew so my desserts are always exquisite.

If you’re lusting for your own machine now, here’s some facts you may find useful;

  • You can order your capsules online via Top Vending Distributors in South Africa. Orders will be delivered free until the end of December 2012. (We’ve tried this out – our pods were delivered the very next day!)
  • YuppieChef also delivers but the time of delivery will vary depending on where you live (as @Shaynil found out)
  • There’s a special on till the end of this year where you get a R400 voucher with the purchase of any Nespresso Classic Machine. You can contact 0800 NESPRESSO for Terms and Conditions of this special.
  • Here’s a link to the Nespresso website in South Africa.

I haven’t the foggiest who Lana del Ray is but Nespresso used her and her music in an ad which was apparently very popular. I found it on YouTube:

Here’s one of the less familiar Nespresso promotion spots featuring George Clooney:

I’ve never asked @BarrieBramley, @CliveSimpkins, @AkiAnastasiou and @Angelo2711 if they have a Nespresso machine. Perhaps I should invite them over for a virtual cuppa soon…

This is not a sponsored blog post.


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  1. I have a Nespresso machine at the office and nothing better than an Arpeggio or Ristretto early in the morning. Seriously need one at home though

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