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17 Days to Christmas

Being nice isn’t difficult. We just forget that sometimes.

There really is something gratifying and fulfilling about knowing you did something for someone with no strings attached. Giving is a gift in itself. We could all do with a bit of kindness in our lives and heaven knows there are a lot of people who are in desperate need of faith in humanity.

Being ‘nice’ may not change the world but it does change the world you find yourself living in.

Here’s a 100 ways to just be Nice 🙂

  1. Hear out the telesales person on the other end. It’s their job, not their fault.
  2. Have you read a good book recently? Give your copy to a local library so someone else can enjoy it too.
  3. If you’ve had a good meal at a restaurant, call the chef and let him know personally.
  4. Hand out Good Service cards to waiters, store assistants etc who you’ve seen providing good service (not necessarily to you)
  5. Pack an extra lunch box for a homeless person on your way to work
  6. Give away your sun hat/cap to a street vendor standing in the scorching South African summer sun
  7. Do pro bono work where your skills are required
  8. Mentor someone
  9. Pay a surprise visit to someone you haven’t seen or spoken to in a while
  10. Say a prayer for someone
  11. Help someone with their Christmas shopping
  12. Give a compliment to a stranger
  13. If you’re holidaying in a foreign country, donate your leftover currency to a charity in that country
  14. Spend time asking someone how they are and listening to their story
  15. Do give up your seat for pregnant women and the elderly on public transport
  16. Pay the parking ticket for the person behind you in the queue
  17. Push the garbage bins back to their rightful houses after Pikitup fails to do so
  18. Help an old person cross the road
  19. Give up a parking space for a mother with children that’s close to the entrance of a shopping centre entrance
  20. Buy a street musician a meal so they don’t have to take a ‘lunch break’ and stop earning money
  21. Let someone else go ahead of you in a queue (bank/store)
  22. Be patient when you really need to be.
  23. Give a stranger a flower
  24. Give someone a chance to prove him or herself
  25. Tell someone that they’re worth it
  26. Hold the door open for someone
  27. Visit an old age home even if you don’t have relatives there
  28. Smile at strangers
  29. Coach someone
  30. Visit a Hospice and spend time with a terminally ill patient
  31. Volunteer at a soup kitchen
  32. Spend some time with a senior citizen living alone
  33. Babysit for a single mother
  34. Offer delivery people a cool drink on a hot day
  35. Help a pregnant lady
  36. Pay the difference if someone is short in cash when buying food
  37. Say Thank You to someone for something you really appreciate them doing for you
  38. Donate blood
  39. Be friendly to someone you normally ignore
  40. When you are in the checkout line as see someone with a full trolley, help them unload it.
  41. If you see someone trying to get something on a shelf that is out of reach and you are tall enough to reach it, get it for them.
  42. When you are in the parking lot and see someone putting their groceries in their car, offer to help.
  43. Hold the door for someone.
  44. Tell Sophy (our nanny) that your life just wouldn’t be the same without her [That’s for me]
  45. Tape the exact change that is needed for a soda on a soda machine. If you like, add a note, “This one’s on me!”
  46. Listen to someone who needs to talk. Just listen to them.
  47. Leave an inspirational book in a place where you know it will be found (in a park, on the bus, etc.). You can even leave a note telling the reader you hope they enjoy the book and to pass it on to someone else when they are finished.
  48. Do something nice for someone when they are ill like wash their dishes, cook a meal or tidy up their house.
  49. Locate a family that is struggling financially and buy each member several small gifts then have it delivered while you remain anonymous.
  50. Volunteer at a hospital, children’s ward or clinic.
  51. Write a letter, or for younger kids, help them write a letter to someone, telling them how much you appreciate them.
  52. Write a letter to a friend, classmate or co-worker, highlighting their strengths.
  53. Tell someone that they are special.
  54. Take someone on a day outing that needs to get out
  55. Tell someone that you appreciate them.
  56. Do chores at home to help other family members
  57. Read a book to children at the local hospital
  58. Give a homeless person a gift card
  59. Donate needed school supplies to a local school
  60. Return someone else’s shopping cart
  61. Mow the neighbor’s lawn
  62. Sort through your old books and give to others
  63. Buy someone lunch
  64. Buy the person behind you in line a cup of coffee
  65. Take a cooked meal to new parents (and a bottle of wine)
  66. Tape R5 coins on vending machines, parking meters, pay stations etc
  67. Clean up your local park
  68. Remember to tell Daddy that he’s your hero [That’s for my kids]
  69. Help paint a local rec centre
  70. Surprise your parents with a random act of kindness
  71. Buy someone dessert at a restaurant (or upsize their meal at McD’s)
  72. Stop a negative conversation and make it positive
  73. Send a gift anonymously to a friend
  74. Slip a flower into your neighbours newspaper in their mailbox
  75. Plant a tree in your neighbourhood
  76. Write something nice about your waitron on the back of the bill.
  77. Forgive some who might have wronged you in the past. Go out of your way to do them a favor.
  78. Help a student with their tuition.
  79. Walk someone’s dog.
  80. Don’t bully your brother [That’s for my kids]
  81. Give someone a lift home so that they don’t have to take public transport
  82. Give a lottery ticket to a stranger.
  83. Play a game of cricket or football with some kids during the holidays
  84. Help an illiterate person write a letter to their family
  85. Wave back to children who wave to you
  86. Pick up any litter that you come across
  87. If you have long hair, consider donating some of it after your haircut to make wigs for cancer patients
  88. Do your bit to support and promote local small business
  89. Hire and pay for a taxi to get your friends home safely from your Christmas and year end parties
  90. Buy someone prepaid airtime top-up
  91. Water your neighbours garden if they are away and their flowers look ill
  92. Give someone a break – maybe they just need some time to do an errand, or to gather their thoughts.
  93. Don’t be an asshole even if you’re surrounded by them.
  94. Remember to tell the people you love that you actually do love them.
  95. Give mommy some alone time [that’s for my kids :-)]
  96. Help someone get home to family for the holidays
  97. Everyone has a story, a life lesson. Share yours and help others in similar situations.
  98. Load credits onto someones prepaid electricity metre.
  99. Help someone plant a home fruit and veg garden.
  100. If you’re stranded at an airport on Christmas eve, help arrange an impromptu party for you and everyone else stuck there too.

The main pic is from the Advent Calendar I made this year.

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