40 Days of blogger Thank You!

Thank YouI’ve been actively trying my hand at blogging now for 40 days. It’s been a journey, a work in progress but mostly fun.

The Mother Load blog has had more than 4,000 hits since 1 November 2012. It’s not going to take over the world but I’m really happy that you’ve been visiting and reading my stories so far.

Each time a post is published it gets shared across all my social networks (Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest) to about 6,500 people. Through StumbleUpon, the blog posts get exposed to a whole lot of new virtual friends.

A couple of my friends have said “why don’t you focus on just one thing?” Well, I can’t really – I’m a bit “all over the place” – always have been.  The Mother Load just seemed apt to be a place for ALL my random mutterings, concerns, causes and opinions – so, me – just online.

My business is called multiplicity which is quite similar to my approach to this blog and life in general. I focus on most aspects of social development marketing – education, entrepreneur development, and NGO leveraging and sustainability. I suspect this my personal blog will mirror my passions in business as time goes by.

2013 has the following blog series lined up so far:

  • Being a teacher (Education)
  • Adoption (being adopted and adopting)
  • Small business experiences (stories, learnings and tips)
  • Schooling options (Education)
  • Leaving home (Emigration, and returning home too)

And then of course, the new year brings another (the 4th) Twitter Blanket Drive events 🙂

The notable blog series in November 2012 have been:

I have enjoyed writing each and every one of these series and learning more about my friends through their own stories which they graciously allowed me to share here with you.

Here are some stats that I thought I’d share with you:

  • Most visitors are from South Africa – then United Kingdom followed by United States of America
  • Most visitors come through to this blog via Twitter, FaceBook and StumbleUpon
  • Through search terms like the following, you’ve found me here:
Top 10 search terms 2012 to date
Top 10 search terms 2012 to date
  • When you have done reading my blog, you have visited these sites too:
Top 20 sites that visitors go to after reading my blog
Top 20 sites that visitors go to after reading my blog
  • You’ve particularly enjoyed these articles;
Most popular articles on this blog to date
Most popular articles on this blog to date
  • You’ve also been a fantastic audience! Your comments, reblogs, likes and all such things are fun to watch and are greatly appreciated.  The articles which have had the most “chat-value” are the following:
Articles on this blog with the most comments & interaction
Articles on this blog with the most comments & interaction

I think that my favourite theme right now is the “Pay It Forward” post that is part of the Advent activity series. Check it out if you have some time.

So, thank you again guys and dolls! I started blogging for me – it was personal. But I kind of like coming back here to be with you.


4 Replies to “40 Days of blogger Thank You!”

    1. Thanks for that feedback Angel! I generally jump ahead of myself on most things and just wait to see what happens… It’s encouraging to know that at least I’m not going backwards 🙂 Got loads to learn still!

  1. Well done for actively blogging! I have been very very slack recently, I contribute that to mostly ‘having my say’ on Twitter. I think Im going to be more active on my blog next year. I enjoy writing and I want to keep more of a record for my kids one day 🙂

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