What’s cooking good looking?

For as long as I’ve been living in Johannesburg, our Christmas fare has been pretty much standardised year-on-year. I simply make all our favourite food! And good food never goes out of fashion.

Christmas Eve, celebrated with immediate family living in town or visiting from other cities or countries join us around our dinner table. The headgear alternates between reindeer antlers to halos to Santa hats, depending on my mood. It is compulsory for anyone attending dinner at our house to wear the selected item – I get away with it because I’m the oldest cousin and sibling in town…

The table is decorated in my preferred colour scheme which is generally red, silver and a lot of bling. Candles are lit and fresh flowers are displayed. Bing Crosby and the boys serenade us throughout our meal.

We skip formal starters because everyone is always busy playing with the kids (Monopoly or other board games) so finger foods and snacks are the order of the day.
We usually have a roast pork, roast beef and roast chicken – served with a potato dish, at least 2 different salads and 2 more veggie dishes.

Dessert is obligatory.

Christmas Day breakfast is croissants and pastries with jams and cheese and fruit on the side. And coffee! It’s a long day ahead – Christmas Mass, a visit to the old age home, lunch, swimming & gaming then home to relax with a movie.

Until my Godmother passed away recently, Christmas Day was always spent with her and my cousins and their extended family.
There was always gammon, roast-every-kind-of-meat-known-to-man, more veggie dishes than you knew there were veggies in existence and a fabulous spread of desserts that included home made ice cream, tiramisu, fruit salad, assorted cakes and liqueurs.

(We miss you aunty Di!)

I think we missed lunch at my aunts place just once while she was alive. We would have had prawns on the braai then. That’s another staple in our household.

This will be the first time in over 10 years that we will be celebrating Christmas away from home. (We really do like Joburg without the traffic, and we really love being at home)

Most years, at around this time, I get a bee in my bonnet to try out some new recipe. It never happens. I just don’t get around to it.

Perhaps I’m just too lazy to go searching for excellent tried and tested Christmas recipes? So, would you just like to volunteer your favies for me here? I’d be very grateful 🙂

Favourite recipe for Starters? Mains? Desserts?

2 Replies to “What’s cooking good looking?”

  1. Starters: stuffed mushrooms, shrimp with dates, little corn patties.
    Mains: pork shoulder with mash potatoes and steamed veggies, stuffed roast beef with Greek rice.
    Dessert: I’m too full to have it, but I’d eat anything but chocolate.
    Of course, living alone and with no family around I don’t cook that much unless I’m having people over, we’ll see what happens this year.

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