The Mother Load


I am grateful that I have enough.

I was cleaning out my bathroom cupboard this weekend and in the process discovered I had 5 bottles of varying shades of red nail varnish. I don’t wear red nail varnish. In the mix was also several brands of top coat and too many to mention nail and cuticle treatments – which I never use.

As I stepped out of the bathroom, the “card box” that I’ve been meaning to sort out for about a year now caught my eye. There must be over one hundred different types of Christmas cards (parents, grandparents, teachers), birthday cards for every single age from birth to 99 (boys, girls, sister-in-laws, brothers…). Then there are the Sympathy cards, Baptism cards, Get a Well Soon cards. I haven’t given out  or posted a card for about 10 years now.

I go to make coffee but then I’m not sure if I want Nespresso, or freshly ground, or instant just because. Maybe I should have tea and cut down on the coffee? Chinese tea; Jasmine or Oolong? Rooibos or Chamomile? Perhaps the Mauritian Vanilla will do the trick today. The Coca-Cola almost won but I decided on coffee.

When I sat down with my hot caffeine I had a choice  between rusks (buttermilk and nutriseed – we keep both fully stocked), muffins (always stocked), or toast.

‘Sufficient’, ‘ample’, ‘adequate’, ‘abundant’. Indeed.

19 Of the 23 poorest countries in the world are in Africa. This is according to a study conducted by Global Finance magazine. 2015 Rankings are based on the GDP of a country, which compares the generalised differences in the cost of living and standards between countries.

You could argue that the reasons why there is not enough in these countries is because of Ebola, sanctions, repressive governments, political instability, corruption and even an over dependence on foreign aid. Whatever the reason, the bottom line is that there just isn’t enough there.

For the people living in the worst conditions there simply isn’t the option of choice.

But having Enough isn’t only about tangible goods, physical belongings and needs; it is more than that.

I am grateful that I receive love and have love to give. That I have compassion and empathy. I am blessed with people who support me, inspire me and encourage me to be me.

And that is more than I could ever need.

William Blake summed it up aptly; “You will never know if you have enough until you know what having more than enough is.”

Here is the link to the full Global Finance magazine article: The World’s Richest and Poorest Countries

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