On air: Chinese heritage in South Africa featuring Patric Tariq Mellet

IMG_0229On Saturday 6 August 2017, Patric Tariq Mellet was interviewed on the Overnight Live Show by Linzi Bourhill on Cape Talk Radio. If you are a regular follower you will know that my Chinese South African heritage is always topical and extremely important to me.

I recently wrote about the local community efforts to eliminate hate speech that has become rife on social media. Here is the link to that article again in case you would like to read it later : South African Chinese take legal action against Hate Speech 


Clip description

Guest: Patric Tariq Mellet

Host: Linzi Bourhill, Overnight Live Show

Topic: Chinese heritage in SA

South Africa is a rich, diverse country, but often we get lost in the binary of black and
white and forget to examine the other races and cultures that make up our country
One of the overlooked is the Chinese community. Patric Tariq Mellet wrote a fascinating post about the Chinese heritage in SA.

Patric Tariq Mellet FaceBook post
Images uploaded to Patric’s FaceBook post



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