Do you know how much your daily shave costs?

Person 1: “Do you smoke?”

Person 2: “Yes”

Person 1: “Do you know that if you stopped smoking you could buy a Ferrari with the money saved?”

Person 2: “Do you smoke?”

Person 1: “No”

Person 2: “Do you own a Ferrari?”
I can’t understand why a pack of razor blades costs nearly R200 (ZAR) in some instances.

How are they made? And regardless, aren’t they mass-produced?

I’ve heard that it is really difficult to make razor blades – there’s a lot of precision work required. Apparently there are so few manufacturers of blades so competition is lacking (isn’t this known as a monopoly?).

The razor-and-blade model can be found in video games, mobile telecomms and printer offers; this two-part tariff is when the cost of the base item is priced to sell and tie consumers into the brand product line – then the disposable components are priced much higher as they’re based on usage.

I read an article that said men, in particular, are more brand loyal and believe that their brand and razor is actually superior to another. And so, a market is born.

But, why charge repeat customers more? This is more like penalising them for brand loyalty. How does that even happen? Have I missed the point about how some people have developed life-long bonds with their razor brands and will pay any price for the privilege of using the brand?

A thought crossed my mind that perhaps the hipster movement compromised razor sales, but then what about the rise in popularity in cycling the world over. If the number of cyclists is greater than hipsters then scientifically there are more folk shaving these days, right?


Why are razors for women cheaper than razors for men? Surely men shave more often so there would be increased production of blades for men – where are the economies of scale? Or are men more gullible in terms of ego marketing?

Perhaps if Beckham, Federer and Hamilton’s sponsorship fees were removed you could pick up razor blades at bargain prices? The question is: if Beckham, Federer and Hamilton didn’t use your brand – would you?

Do you know how much your grooming costs you to remove chin whiskers, armpit fluff and leg hairs?

Think about that the next time you reflect in the mirror, and then consider the Ferrari you’re missing out on if you just stopped shaving.


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