Goodbye friend. Hello car boot sale!

I have a friend who has been yearning to return to the coast and has decided to relocate from Johannesburg at the end of October (2018). She would most probably prefer me to be the type of friend who shows some level of remorse at her departure but I simply cannot contain my excitement at the prospect of a good old garage sale! Admittedly, I go gaga for these type of sales.

There is something that screams ‘success!’ at finding a good piece of vintage furniture, or simply a “brilliant bargain”, in what others would define as junk. At the announcement of a car boot sale, my mind immediately goes to that other dimension where chalk paint, mosaics and reupholstery reside.

When she told me that her vintage writing desk had been sold I had to muster all my friendship abilities to tell her how happy I was to hear this. Truth be told, I am gutted because I was secretly hoping that she would pass this table on to me as a memento of our friendship. Instead, I will suck it up and be visibly delighted when she hands over a potted plant as she heads down the highway to the land of surf, sea and sand.

If you have also been a follower of online sales then you will also have seen the incredible surge in relocation or emigration or scaling down sales. Where is everyone moving to?

I always wonder why old-er folk aren’t passing on their good furniture pieces to their offspring as they do for example in the UK. Do South Africans just not have really good furniture of any significant value (not cost-based because that is a different story)? Do young-er folk not appreciate vintage furniture pieces anymore? Have families become so disparate in their preferences and family pieces?

Perhaps we are far less sentimental as our ancestors were in days gone by but this bodes well for bargain hunters like me.

I have offered to help my friend sell her goods and have included her ads in this post. Take a look. Please call her directly if you are interested in any of these items.


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