Inspiration from a 15 year old – Max van Heerden

There are many people I know that I am extremely proud to keep company with. Most of these people are adults, but there is a special place in my heart for young people who I have come to know who humble me by showing me what the future will bring.


Goodbye friend. Hello car boot sale!

I have a friend who has been yearning to return to the coast and has decided to relocate from Johannesburg at the end of October (2018). She would most probably prefer me to be the type of friend who shows some level of remorse at her departure but I simply cannot contain my excitement at the prospect of a good old garage sale! Admittedly, I go gaga for these type of sales.

Working for myself, our Youth, and the environment

A focus on Sam Mhlungulu of Bagale Rubberworx.
This article is part of a series on Entrepreneurs who are “Friends Like These”.

Impilo brings life to SA Fashion Week

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Salute to my teachers, mentors and leaders

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Boys and their Boxers

It’s been just over 4 weeks now since Toughey the hamster died. We eventually broke the news to the kids by faking a “who-left-the-cage-open-and-the-hamster-escaped” stunt.…

What does a Bahá’í Christmas look like?

This blog series has been one of the best for me personally so far. I have learnt so much from my friends, about their religions…

What does a Charismatic Christmas look like?

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What does Christmas look like when you have a living God?

The other day I shared Preetika’s story in What does a Hindu Christmas look like? Then I learnt that there are different levels under Hinduism.…

What does a Hindu Christmas look like?

My friend Preetika Ajoodha was born and raised in Johannesburg Fordsburg into a Gujarati Hindu family. She is one of few remaining people who really…

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