The Mother Load

Inspiration from a 15 year old – Max van Heerden

There are many people I know that I am extremely proud to keep company with. Most of these people are adults, but there is a special place in my heart for young people who I have come to know who humble me by showing me what the future will bring.

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Sometimes you go searching for your Purpose, other times your Purpose finds you

I wrote this essay to share my story of volunteering.  I would like your vote please.  The competition is open to US citizens only but I would still welcome your vote to help share my story to others who are unsure if they should, could, would like to volunteer.  Click…

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Working for myself, our Youth, and the environment

A focus on Sam Mhlungulu of Bagale Rubberworx.
This article is part of a series on Entrepreneurs who are “Friends Like These”.

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What is all the hype about Entrepreneurs these days?

Do you remember the joke that went “How do you know if someone has an MBA?” to which the answer is “They tell you!” These days it seems that the Entrepreneur label would be an apt substitution for MBA.

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Salute to my teachers, mentors and leaders

On this third day of the Month of Gratitude 2016, Respect! and thank you to all those wonderful women and men who have passed through my life and selflessly imparted a bit of their wisdom, skill, knowledge and a great deal of time to help save me from myself (and possibly…

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People who inspire me: Kim Feinberg

I was introduced to Kim Feinberg about 6 years ago when the corporate I worked for had sponsored one of the 94.7 Highveld Christmas Wishlist wishes. If I recall correctly, it was Simon Parkinson from Primedia that got me into a meeting with Kim and The Tomorrow Trust. We had…

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