Marketing Support for Non-Profits

Good work deserves to be showcased. Great initiatives deserve all the help they can get to succeed.

You are here because you believe in the cause you support, you believe that you make a difference to the people and communities you cover. You work hard and have ideas that you’re struggling to implement. You most probably don’t have the time to focus on marketing because you’re knee-deep in getting on with the job. You need some help and you wish you could just have someone trusted in your corner who will give you time to explore your ideas, and possibly to just unpack your challenges.

You’re in the right place.

I’ll be your dedicated expert and answer your questions. Get unstuck & find the answers you need. Sound good? Reserve some time with me or keep reading for more info.
[faceboard]It could be that you want some actionable answers, tactics or strategies for one specific problem. Your organisation  may have reached a plateau and you now need to take it to the next level. Or maybe you want to solve a major business problem, with the assistance of a highly experienced and trusted marketing specialist.
This service is fast, effective and fully guaranteed. That’s right – it’s 100% risk free to you. So, you can pick my brain with total peace of mind.

I have set aside time to assist 4 x NPO’s per week with the FREE 30-minute marketing consultation offer, so,


Book your complimentary session with me NOW.

It’s risk free!

I want you to have 100% peace-of mind. So, if you don’t believe that the ideas, answers and insights I give you during our paid sessions are worth more than the fee, I will give you your money back! Just let me know at the end of our call. That’s it. Simple. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Whatever your questions, I believe I am perfectly placed to provide the help you need.

I have set aside time to assist 4 x NPO’s per week with the FREE 30-minute marketing consultation offer, so, DON’T DELAY! Book your complimentary session with me NOW.

[bctt tweet=”You cannot market successfully unless you understand exactly what you can & cannot offer.” username=”MelanieMinnaar”]The Harvard Business Review says that NPOs need to be able to fully answer the following questions in order to secure the best corporate alliance or partnership:

  • What is our image?
  • Do we have strong brand recognition?
  • Is our cause especially attractive to certain companies and industries?
  • Is our target audience particularly appealing to some corporations?
  • Do we promote a cause that the public considers especially urgent?
  • Do we have clout with certain groups of people?
  • Are we local, national, or international?
  • Do we have a charismatic or well-known leader?
  • Is our organization experienced and stable?
  • Who are our potential partners?

I will help you get to the answers for these questions so that you can market with confidence.

Here’s how it works

There are 3 ways we can connect as soon as you are ready:

1. Book a FREE 30 minute time slot directly on the scheduler below [bookingtimeline view_days_num=90 header_title=’Non-Profit Organisations Can Book Time Immediately’ scroll_day=60 scroll_start_date=’2017-9-19′]***NPOs ONLY***,


2. Fill in the Contact Form (at the very end of this page) if you have a couple of questions for me before you commit to a session. Then, we’ll confirm the date and time for our online meeting using Skype,


3. Sign up for one of the monthly packages using PayPal. There is no obligation to subscribe long-term for expert marketing support and services. There are also absolutely no notice periods should you decide not to continue using a third party to provide you with marketing consultations (I hope this won’t be the case, but it is your call completely!).

Starter Session

In our 60-minute starter session we’ll take stock of your current marketing situation. We’ll figure out what your most effective options and create a clear, effective action plan to get you there. Once you select this option, I will mail you a questionnaire to complete before our live Skype consultation. Once we have concluded this Starter Session you will receive a short-form marketing plan on a page via email.


Monthly Mentoring

Invest in your success with regular mentoring sessions to keep your momentum going. We’ll meet on Skype for a full hour once a month to analyse your progress, break down obstacles and update your personalised action plan to carry you to your goals. $300 includes: One hour Skype consultation per month | Marketing templates that you can customise, and use as you need and want | One comparative Case Study relevant to your cause | One Quick Reference Guide on ‘Marketing For Cause-Related Organisations’


Sponsor Marketing Support For An NPO (for corporates/donors/benefactors)

This option is for supporters of NPOs. You have causes that you believe in, and you have a personal preference for non-profit organisations who you want to succeed! You can help by providing your preferred cause or NPO with effective marketing support by purchasing a THREE MONTH subscription here. This package is a 3-consecutive-month bundle of the Monthly Mentoring option available to NPOs. Once you select this option and proof of payment is received, I will contact you via email to assist you with comprehensive registration by means of a Sponsor Questionnaire and Benefactor Brief.


There is no charge for the first 30-minute session. This is a FREE service of marketing support for non-profit organisations.

During our call, I will provide you with the most effective ideas, answers and insights I know. I’ll help you with strategies, tactics… whatever you need. I will also help you identify new opportunities and help you avoid costly mistakes.

Ask Me A Question

I will reply by email within 24 hours to confirm the date and time of our meeting, or to answer any questions you have before our meeting.

Remember, if you believe that the information I have given you during our monthly sessions isn’t worth more than the fee, tell me at the end of our call and I will refund your fee.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: “Where and how does the mentoring happen?”

A: We can meet up online via Skype (it is free). If you’d rather call me on the phone, I’ll give you my number.

Q: “Can I book extra sessions?”

A: Yep, you can book extra sessions any time. Choose a package above to get started and click the button — once we’ve scheduled your first session, you can simply email me to add extra sessions.

Q: “Can we do my mentoring via email instead of Skype?”

A: Absolutely! This mentoring is for you. If you need to do it by email or another means, we can arrange that. If long written exchanges aren’t possible for you either, we can break it into smaller chunks of time. When we schedule your first session, just let me know about your specific needs.


Melanie Minnaar

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