Born in January

This is not a post lamenting the economy-gifts or combined Christmas gifts that first month children have bemoaned since their birth. This is about the far more important matter of […]



My child, I know you know. I’ve always known. I’m sorry. It will be confusing and it will hurt more in the coming days, but we will heal and live […]

Salute to my teachers, mentors and leaders

On this third day of the Month of Gratitude 2016, Respect! and thank you to all those wonderful women and men who have passed through my life and selflessly imparted a […]


I am grateful that I have enough. I was cleaning out my bathroom cupboard this weekend and in the process discovered I had 5 bottles of varying shades of red […]

The other me

I wrote this post about there years ago. What followed was a hospital visit on arrival at the beach holiday destination because I had not been consistent with my medication which […]


I have been slightly scarce for a while (understatement). I make no apologies for this. It turns out that my privacy has been violated with the sole intention to gain access to every detail of my activities with malicious intent.

40 Years of Horror Movies

Horror movies have been criticised for their graphic violence and are often dismissed as low budget, B-rated and sensationalist flicks. Nobody seems to care that some highly respected directors and major studios have […]

9 documentaries that you need to see this year

Marianna Torgovnick attended the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival in North Carolina and shared her Top 9 on TED. Stories We Tell, Manhunt, American Promise and A Will For The Woods are my preferred documentaries to look out for in 2013. Stories We Tell is a 2012 documentary film by […]

How to look like a Maths whizz

This is not an article about autism but autism is my point of departure because I have always been intrigued by the genius of mind of autistic persons and how […]

40 Years of Reading

By my calculations (which are always questionable…), considering that I generally finish a novel or book within 48 hours, in my 40 years of life I should have been able to have read nearly 3,500 titles in my time.  Well, that hasn’t happened… My favourite authors are Stephen King, Dean […]

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