Children innately grasp what their rights are

This is an article I wrote for for their blog. The article came out in the week prior to Human Rights Day 2010 in South Africa. It was easy to write as I witness my firstborn exercising his rights everyday!Click here to goto the article. Please leave a comment […]


Remembering the elderly

This is another article I wrote for for their blog. I care for my great-uncle who is the first person in our family to be admitted to an old age home. This topic is very close to my heart. Click here to goto the article Please leave a comment so […]

"The best mirror is an old friend." – George Herbert

My 20th high school reunion is this year. I am looking forward to seeing all the old faces, hopefully they’ll all be wearing name tags, and catching up on all the news in real life. Most of my school friends are on FaceBook but there is still the quality interaction […]

Interview: This is an interview I did for for their Represent ♥’s Everyday Tweeple feature. I was thrilled to be their 1st female interviewee. If you thought you knew me, you may want to read the interview and find out if that is indeed the case 🙂 Click […]

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