The Road Not Taken

Yesterday I deliberately published a “non-medicated” post here for 2 reasons: To remind myself in time to come what I’m like when I’m not on meds, and To give others insight to the mind and experience of a sufferer of mental health conditions (That post is titled The Other Me). […]


6 Days to Christmas

Unless the kids protest too much, the movie (again) shall be A Christmas Story (MGM, 1983)… Ralphie and his quest to obtain a Red Ryder Carbine Action Range Model BB Gun Air […]

The other me

There are 2 me’s. One on medication and one without. They real me watches the other me and has often wondered “What the hell are you thinking?” The 2nd me, doesn’t care much for what the original me thinks at all. The 2nd me will destroy the real me if […]

7 Days to Christmas

The main pic is from the Advent Calendar I made this year.

My Last Will at 11 years of age

Recently, I was sorting out stuff and trying to make a dent in sorting out papers when I came across a file that my mom had put together for me […]

8 Days to Christmas has the most amazing Nativity Play script for either Narrated or Dialogue versions of kids plays. I’ll be using their version as the basis for our family puppet show […]

Lost: Middle Age

I was first reminded of my upcoming birthday while busy writing my entry for 16 November Gratitude when it dawned on me that I’ll be 40 years old in the […]

9 Days to Christmas

Today we’ll be making a suet bird feeder for the garden. The main pic is from the Advent Calendar I made this year.

The roots of racism

Thabo Mophiring, a long-time Twitter friend, shared an article with me after I posted On Racism on this blog; “The Roots of Racism”, in which Lance Selfa discusses the origins of slavery at the dawn of capitalism and the ideology of white supremacy. Here is a short introductory excerpt from the article: […]

10 Days to Christmas

Who can we visit today? My great-Uncle in the old age home? (And my kids great-great-Uncle then…) Any of my cousins (orphaned) who live in Joburg? My brothers? My cousin […]

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