What does a Bahá’í Christmas look like?

This blog series has been one of the best for me personally so far. I have learnt so much from my friends, about their religions and way of life. The friend who I’ve asked to share his story in this post is honestly one of the nicest people I’ve ever […]


11 Days to Christmas

Today is the day that we take a drive to see what the rest of our town looks like all lit up and dressed for Christmas! The main pic is […]

Are we there yet?

As a parent, I’ve recently been provided with information and travel tips to make travelling simpler (if that is at all possible) with young children.  The first lot of info […]

What does a Charismatic Christmas look like?

My friend Mike was always destined for greater things. He used to work in my Merchandising team at a national corporate many years ago. He is most probably the calmest person I’ve ever known that has worked in a corporate environment… He and his partner-in-crime at the time have both […]

12 Days to Christmas

When should Christmas decorations be put up? Every year, it seems that Christmas decorations start appearing a little bit earlier. I think I saw the first Christmas “Easter Egg” (yes…) […]

What’s cooking good looking?

For as long as I’ve been living in Johannesburg, our Christmas fare has been pretty much standardised year-on-year. I simply make all our favourite food! And good food never goes out of fashion. Christmas Eve, celebrated with immediate family living in town or visiting from other cities or countries join […]

13 Days to Christmas

This year our gift to our neighbours will be Christmas Mince Pies – little ones, in trays of 6. The kids will decorate the cardboard sleeves that will go over […]

40 Days of blogger Thank You!

I’ve been actively trying my hand at blogging now for 40 days. It’s been a journey, a work in progress but mostly fun. The Mother Load blog has had more […]

What does Christmas look like when you have a living God?

The other day I shared Preetika’s story in What does a Hindu Christmas look like? Then I learnt that there are different levels under Hinduism. Shaynil Lalla taught me this. […]

14 Days to Christmas

All the grandparents in our family live in cities other than our own. I’ll be getting the kids to write letters to their grandparents to tell them anything they want […]

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