What does a Hindu Christmas look like?

My friend Preetika Ajoodha was born and raised in Johannesburg Fordsburg into a Gujarati Hindu family. She is one of few remaining people who really love LONG phone calls and […]


15 Days to Christmas

15 Days to Christmas also means 15 days into the school holidays for us… By this stage I’m kaput so today is as good a day as any to remember […]

16 Days to Christmas

As the days draw closer to Christmas and the time is almost here for us to pack our bags and head to the seaside, we’ll be making gift wrap and […]

17 Days to Christmas

Being nice isn’t difficult. We just forget that sometimes. There really is something gratifying and fulfilling about knowing you did something for someone with no strings attached. Giving is a […]

Caffeinated conversations

Let’s kick this post off with a dash of Penelope Cruz shall we? I’m not exactly the target audience for the beautiful Ms Cruz but I will be the first […]

18 Days to Christmas

We have always used the holidays to give the message to our kids that if you don’t make room for good to enter then it can’t. It works well to […]

Four-legged family members

Our hamster died 2 weeks ago today. His name was Toughey. The kids haven’t realised that THEIR rodent pal has died yet. I’m not sure how I feel about that […]

19 Days to Christmas

Until 3 years ago, we  didn’t have a front wall at our house. It was quite refreshing actually, especially during the Christmas holidays when the Carolers come around and sing at […]

What’s on your Christmas wishlist?

Okay, this is the superficial kind of gifting list.  You’ve worked hard this year to make sure that those closest to you have enough money to buy you the kind […]

What does a faithless Christmas look like?

I’ve always been curious about how the faithless approach Christmas and the December holidays in general. Is Christmas not a rather confusing time for atheists? I mean, not being invited […]

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