Inspiration from a 15 year old – Max van Heerden

There are many people I know that I am extremely proud to keep company with. Most of these people are adults, but there is a special place in my heart for young people who I have come to know who humble me by showing me what the future will bring.

A Familiar Place

This is my room. This is your room. It is not our room. We have all been here before. This is my chapel. It is…

Let’s call him ‘Boy’ because he is Black

I am tired of hearing excuses made for proponents of blatant hate speech, racism and bigotry. That to me is the equivalent of justifying Hitler’s actions because of his childhood and upbringing, or for shaming and blaming a victim of abuse for their part in the situation.

Goodbye friend. Hello car boot sale!

I have a friend who has been yearning to return to the coast and has decided to relocate from Johannesburg at the end of October (2018). She would most probably prefer me to be the type of friend who shows some level of remorse at her departure but I simply cannot contain my excitement at the prospect of a good old garage sale! Admittedly, I go gaga for these type of sales.

What is “International Volunteer Day”?

I once read that volunteering allows you to age with grace. For me, the actress and humanitarian Audrey Hepburn is a prime example of that…

Easy does it

One day at a time. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. Just concentrate on now and take one thing at a time.

Sometimes you go searching for your Purpose, other times your Purpose finds you

I wrote this essay to share my story of volunteering.  I would like your vote please.  The competition is open to US citizens only but…

Have you ever asked your waiter if he or she gets their tips?

I really do hope that things have improved for hospitality staff over the past 5 years when a survey reported that only 18% of waitrons were allowed to keep tips given to them by their customers.

Looking For Happiness With A Hard Cover

In an attempt to break my Netflix series binge addiction I have been trying to find solace in the comfort of a good read. I…

The End Of The World. Again.

Do we, humans, have to be so aggressive in our opinions of when the world will actually end? If we know the world is going to end, shouldn’t we all just get along?

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