Do you know how much your daily shave costs?

If Beckham, Federer and Hamilton didn’t use your razor brand – would you?


Working for myself, our Youth, and the environment

A focus on Sam Mhlungulu of Bagale Rubberworx.
This article is part of a series on Entrepreneurs who are “Friends Like These”.

Being a woman, in South Africa, in 2017

While South Africa’s Constitution enshrines gender equality, bodily integrity and reproductive rights; the words and meaning are seemingly lost on a society that refuses to change its attitudes and approaches to the rights of women. 

What is all the hype about Entrepreneurs these days?

Do you remember the joke that went “How do you know if someone has an MBA?” to which the answer is “They tell you!” These days it seems that the Entrepreneur label would be an apt substitution for MBA.

On air: Chinese heritage in South Africa featuring Patric Tariq Mellet

South Africa is a rich, diverse country, but often we get lost in the binary of black and
white and forget to examine the other races and cultures that make up our country
One of the overlooked is the Chinese community. Patric Tariq Mellet wrote a fascinating post about the Chinese heritage in SA.

Impilo brings life to SA Fashion Week

Impilo Collection Jewellery Collaborates with International Fashion Designer Chu Yan at South African Fashion WeekAngela Yeung, the award-winning South African jewellery designer behind the Impilo…

South African Chinese take legal action against Hate Speech 

The comments are racist, inflammatory, vitriolic, insulting, hate-filled and promote and propagate hatred of and violence to Chinese people. More terrifyingly, the comments directly incite violence and harm to our children. – TCA

Shit happens. Now what?

At my lowest in 2016 I believed that God himself was punishing me for 40-plus years of ill doings, flawed character and anything else suppressed…

Born in January

This is not a post lamenting the economy-gifts or combined Christmas gifts that first month children have bemoaned since their birth. This is about the…


My child, I know you know. I’ve always known. I’m sorry. It will be confusing and it will hurt more in the coming days, but…

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