The Mother Load

Salute to my teachers, mentors and leaders

On this third day of the Month of Gratitude 2016, Respect! and thank you to all those wonderful women and men who have passed through my life and selflessly imparted a bit of their wisdom, skill, knowledge and a great deal of time to help save me from myself (and possibly…

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Doing it “my way” to the brink of suicide

Karen says she will never try taking her life again. She will search for other solutions to her problems and challenges. I hope so – I like having her around.

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8 Nov 2012 Gratitude

One Month of Gratitude – my story. I am grateful for all things that came together to allow me to spend time with my children, in the way that I wanted to, while allowing me to pursue my career and life purpose at the same time. Blessed. Truly blessed.

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