The Mother Load

Salute to my teachers, mentors and leaders

On this third day of the Month of Gratitude 2016, Respect! and thank you to all those wonderful women and men who have passed through my life and selflessly imparted a bit of their wisdom, skill, knowledge and a great deal of time to help save me from myself (and possibly…

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I am grateful that I have enough. I was cleaning out my bathroom cupboard this weekend and in the process discovered I had 5 bottles of varying shades of red nail varnish. I don’t wear red nail varnish. In the mix was also several brands of top coat and too…

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15 Days to Christmas

15 Days to Christmas also means 15 days into the school holidays for us… By this stage I’m kaput so today is as good a day as any to remember what I should be grateful for. This time our Gratitude day will be a family affair. The things the kids…

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