The Mother Load

Mosidi Mokgele Regional Head: Marketing and Communication

I will forever be grateful for the numerous opportunities you afforded me when I was reporting to you directly. You proved on many occasions just how much you can trust those reporting to you, enough for them to represent you on strategic forums and even empowering them to make decisions on your behalf. Very few leaders can do that. I did not know you until we started working together but you gave me a chance to thrive and stretched me in ways I could never imagine possible. As a result, I was able to discover skills in me that I did not realise I had. I learned a lot under your leadership and what I valued the most, are the exposure you afforded me as well as the space to challenge status quo with enough room to be innovative. Where I failed, I was able to accept my mistakes and learn from them. Because of your enquisitive nature, it has rubbed-off on some of us. Our one-on-one sessions were a delight because it was not about what I did not do right but more about what support you could give me, after our usual robust engagements on work and life issues in general. I am truly grateful to have reported to you and learned so much during that tenure. You certainly left a mark not only in my career but in my life in general.